Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Altered Art - mini accordion book and altered box

Having fun with altered art. I made this little piece for fun...doesn't really have a use...except to put a smile on my face. :-)   The overall size is about 2" x 3", slightly smaller.  

I also made a YouTube video of it.

This is the sleeve of the box I altered. The book goes inside of it.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Photo wheels are still fun!

Tim Holtz is so creative. But you probably already know that. 

Once of his newer dies is of a photo wheel. As soon as I saw it I knew it would be lots of fun to make my own photo wheels. I am currently making one using real images for a lady who is turning 90- for a photo album I am making for her. Her daughter sent me photos to use of her and people in her life. I'll post that one after the party.

The two here are going to be used for different albums or tags. One is seaside themed and one is using the beautiful papers from Kaisercraft called Curiosity

I love for me, I find this type of crafting sort of a Zen experience. Others may not like the fussiness of this one. I am showing my age with this post. Those of you who remember these are most likely 'of a certain age'. I loved them when I was a kid and still do!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Special card for a special birthday

My dear husband is turning 60 next week and so I made a special card for a special birthday.  I really enjoyed making the flowers. Even though this is for a man, the colors are masculine and so to me, it works for a man, flowers and all.
the overall size is 5.5" square. 
Paper: Heartfelt Creations - Sun Kissed Collection
I also used same paper for the flowers so it all matches. 

Dies and stamps- Heartfelt Creations - Open Vintage Floret, Leaf Medley.

I also used VIVA glitter liner-Iridescent- painted on flowers with a brush, Pearl flat backs for flower centers and sepia ink on all edges using a dauber sponge. 

I LOVE Heartfelt Creations paper products! They have papers that coordinate with their dies and all papers are similar so mix-and-match is easy. 

Thursday, May 8, 2014

weeping angel

I love cemetery angels. I have been known to lay down in muddy cemeteries to get just the right shot (ask my then boyfriend, now husband, who would come along for the drive.) And yes, he still married me :-)

In early April I drove to various towns in Georgia with my sister on our annual sister-trip. This year we focused on my father's side of genealogy. We ended up in a small cemetery in Americus, Georgia, the birthplace of my grand father and great-grandfather. We usually go to the local library and the town cemetery when doing our family genealogy. While walking around the cemetery, we came upon this amazing grave of a weeping angel. It was so moving in the context of a cemetery.  The painting below is of that weeping angel. I've painted it in my Cavallini Medieval Journal that my dear husband gave me many years ago. (He gave two identical journals and I've just completed the first journal.)  The paper is hand made Italian paper, very smooth, thick and creamy. It takes a bit to get used to the paper- different than my usual Arches 140 cold pressed.

weeping angel
7" x 9"

I came across an article about these angels here if you are interested in reading more about them.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

it's been awhile

I am sort of on hiatus. I do this every now and fill the well... I find I need to just stop for awhile and regenerate. Having been a designer who HAD to create when I had no love or mood to do so, it is a real blessing and a luxury that I can honor this time off!  I've been reading good books, reading art magazines, watching movies, cooking meals...just not any real art or craft these days.

This is an old acrylic painting with collage I made a few years ago. I love how the rooster looks exhausted, being unable to sleep because of his worry. It just makes me smile. I did a small series of acrylic birds with collaged. I love the look and they are great fun!

Worried Mr. Capon

Sunday, March 30, 2014

paper flowers

Can you say "attention to detail" (read: very anal)?

I pulled out my paper and die cut machine and made some mini daisies. I love them! Besides being tiny, they look real. I also made a tiny lady bug to go on the tiny daisy leaf. All this was inspired by the designer of the flower dies, Susan Tierney Cockburn.  She also has a book on paper flowers. I really enjoy paper crafting, attention to detail and small things, so these so appeal to me on many levels. I have no plans for them- most likely they will end up on a card.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

no crafting, more painting

As is my usual way, I am into more painting these days than crafting. I seem to go in a cycle with it. I learned years ago to honor it and go with it. So, for now...there is more to see over at my pastel and painting blog these days. I know it will cycle around again, just don't know when. 

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