Sunday, April 22, 2007

love those STAMP SHOWS!

Yesterday was such a BEAUTIFUL day here in NY (after rain and cold for days). My sweetie and I jumped in the car and drove to Allentown, PA to attend the . Heirloom Rubber Stamp and Paper Arts Show.

I wore my favorite T-shirt which says "Just hand over the stamps and no one gets hurt!" I enjoy it when ladies approach me with laughter over the shirt- soooo many stamp addicts out there (just like me!!)

My favorite stamp booth and the one that did the MOST damage to my wallet is I love-LOVE-love their stamps! I did buy just a few...the company is run by a real nice Mom (Kate) and son(Matt), who were both at the booth. Kate made BEAUTIFUL samples of tag art. I've posted my two favorite purchases here. Kate gave me a beautiful tag she made and I will post it soon.

If you do get a chance to attend a show- do so! Tons of eye candy, lots of samples, lots of 'make-and-takes' and it gets my creative juices flowing!

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