Monday, April 30, 2007

Somerset Holidays - publised!

I just received an email from the managing editor of "Somerset Holidays" to tell me that one of my artist submissions will be featured as a 'technique article' in an upcoming issue in their magazine- how cool is that!!

Last Halloween I made quite a few ATC's (Artist Trading Cards) with a vintage witch theme...I had lots of fun making them, sold some on eBay and was even commissioned to made several for a friend of mine...I sent in six for Somer Set magazines call for art about "Vintage Halloween" and they are the ones that will be featured in the article.

I've been asked to write the article and have a month to do this- so I will let this percolate a few days before I start the article.

I am excited! The ATC's posted above are samples of my Halloween ATC's- they are similar to the ones I sent to Somer Set- each is a 'one of a kind', but all with the Vintage Halloween theme and look alike.

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