Monday, May 21, 2007

I love PhotoShop...

In my day job I am a designer for a pharmaceutical company and I design packaging and labeling... and to be honest, it's pretty dry stuff, as pharmaceutical companies are so.. well...pharmaceutical!

I use PhotoShop in a LOT at work...but always in technical tedious ways- cleaning up a logo, batch processing a bunch of files...very grown-up and not very fun stuff. So when I get the chance to play with my software, I relish in it!

I've taken many photos of cemetery angels- I just love them- they really speak to me and evoke a mysterious yet calming feeling in me- they are like my guardian angels personified.

This picture is a combination of two of my own photos- playing with color and light and this is the end result...they were taken at very different places and at different times of day- but with the magic of PhotoShop, the cemetery angel is now walking out of the forest...I wonder where she is going...

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