Friday, May 4, 2007

Paper Dolls anyone?

Lately I've been having some great fun making paper dolls...go figure! Here I am "a woman of a certain age" and I find myself making paper dolls! Having a 6 year old granddaughter is what got me going- when she comes to visit for a weekend she always says "Lets go into your studio and MAKE SOMETHING!"
So I introduced her to paper dolls and know the rest!
The purple one posted here is made from some beautiful FABRIC- I treated the fabric before using.
The square one is actually an ATC (Artist Trading Card) made into a paper doll. I collaged the ATC with bits and pieces, including some teeny-tiny clock parts.
I hope you are inspired to go and play with paper, glue and glitter and try making your own paper dolls! Happy playing!

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