Thursday, June 28, 2007

Cat ATC series # 2

I think of these little cats as "Victorian Cats" and when I was listing these on eBay, I listed them as Victorian Cats. They all sold on eBay...
selling ATC's is in some people's opinion a faux pas. But I think that is ridiculous! For hundreds of years artists worldwide have sold trading cards!! I just don't understand the thought that says one should not sell an ATC.

My sister was the one who changed my mind...she loved the idea of ATC's but wasn't artistic at that time in her life...she wanted to collect them, but not make them. She encouraged me to sell mine, because there are lots of people like her- wanting to collect ATC's but not make them.

BTW- my sister has jumped into the arts and crafts and does some amazing pieces! And she sent me her very first ATC, which I proudly have on my shelf :)


&rew said...

My mom's allergic to cats, but there's a specific breed of cats that she's not allergic - Persian cats!
As for your cards, you can start calling them 'ACEO' instead of 'ATC'. Google ACEO and you'll see why...

Nice artwork! &rew

Sam said...

This is beautiful! Love it!

Jane said...

What a gorgeous ACEO! Wonderful work! I am a big fan of Victorian feline art, and this card captures that style beautifully. The saying on the card made me giggle and smile :) Very clever!
I don't understand why people think that ATC's shouldn't be sold. Seems kind of odd to me. I love buying them from various artists who create them. I put them in tiny frames and hang them up around my house. I know many people who like to buy them as well, so obviously there is a market for it. I enjoy collecting them and am now trying my own hand at creating them.
Keep up your great work! This card is very endearing and charming :)
- Jane