Monday, October 8, 2007

Is it really Autumn?

It's hard to think apple pie, crisp leaves, and apple cider when it's 85 degrees outside! On Sunday I went apple picking my oldest daughter, her childhood friend and her mom- my dear friend. ( above- daughter Sue on the left, SueEllen on the right)

We went to beautiful Warwick, NY to Applewood Orchards. We had a great time roaming around the apple orchard looking for the 'perfect' tree with the 'perfect' apples. But it we were was 85 degrees and felt like a hot summer day instead of October!

It brought back a lot of memories for me- I remember taking my two daughters to the same orchard when they were four and five years old and they climbed the apple trees. Today they are almost 30 and on their own...tell me... where did the years go??

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