Saturday, December 15, 2007

Christmas time

I love Christmas time. The older I get, the more I have learned to reduce the hectic and crazy business that for so many years kept me from really enjoying this time of year. I no longer 'have to get it all done'. My gift buying is now mostly done online, (I am not a shopper, going to a mall is not fun for me), I make many of my gifts, I play Christmas music, and I enjoy making Christmas dinner for my family. That's about it now- a quiet and peaceful Christmas with family visits.

Sometimes I make cookies with my granddaughter and that is always fun. Some years I make and send out Christmas cards and some years I dont. I no longer feel the quilt if I don't send them out- one of the better things about getting older is the lessening of the guilt...

This is a digital collage that I made tonight, thinking about the whole reason for the is a compilation of several different famous paintings that I brought together with the magic of Photo Shop. I enjoy working with Photo Shop when it's not work related and there is no deadline! I hope you enjoy it.

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