Sunday, January 20, 2008

Art and Books

Yesterday I met with my Art Group. We are a small group of six like-minded artists who have become friends. We all met online and now meet monthly to share art, art stories and art techniques. It's become an important part of my artistic journey to meet with these guys. I don't have a lot of real-life artist friends. I live in the land of soccer moms and/or commuters to NYC in suburbia who are either way too busy or just not interested in making art. I do have many online art friends with whom I do share another part of the journey. But there is just something about real-live artist people that I find so necessary!

We met at the Westwood Public Library in Westwood, NJ where one of our members, Andrew Borloz, currently has an exhibit at the library. The exhibit is of Andrew's hand-made books. The pictures below do not do these books enough justice. They are just stunning. I wish you could see them 'up close and personal' to really appreciate just how lovely each one is. If you live in Northern NJ, take a ride to the Westwood Public Library and check it out!

After the library we walked over to The Iron Horse for a yummy lunch. On my drive home, I HAD to make a stop at Pearl Paint, and, as usual, experienced severe wallet damage.

Andrew explaining how he folded one of the books.

This is that book, folded to create the entire book, no glue or stitching used.

A ribbon book and a metal cover book.

a leather bound book (front) and a funky coptic stitch book (back)

using a bingo card as the cover!

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