Saturday, January 5, 2008

B r i d e P l a n n e r

My oldest daughter asked me to make a bride's planner book for her good friend who is getting married. After talking about colors (reds/black/golds), I starting creating. I always enjoy the challange of creating something for someone. It's hard to really hear what a person's vision is, but my daughter had definite ideas, which was was helpful.

I added some printed pages of lists for brides (flower check list, questions to ask the photographer, how to narrow down the invitation list) - wedding planning tips. It's not a girly-girl planner - as her friend isn't a girly-girl. She is a down to earth woman who loves the color red. She'll be having red in her wedding colors. I hope she likes it!
The top photo is the cover- it's a collage. The second photo is the back inside cover, which is a digital image I created in Photo Shop. I have a binding machine, which I love-love-love.

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