Monday, January 21, 2008

making background paper

Fabriano UNO hot press watercolor paper, acrylic paints, stamp.

I messed around last night and made this sheet of background paper - I can use this as a journal cover, or a page in an altered book, or as a background for collage. I made it with no particular idea in mind. I like to do that- just make something and put it away. Time will reveal it's use.

Here is a piece of it close up:

Bringing it into Photo Shop or Illustrator I am able to do some cool things with it as well:



Thanks Elizabeth, for the encouraging comment and for visiting my blog. I really enjoyed perusing your blog....especially the story of the "young, hip mom !!" Your art is so lovely too....How fun to be in an artists' group....I see you are in Monroe. My sister is in Washingtonville....she is an artist living inside the body of a reading teacher :) I'll have to direct her to your blog.

Susan said...

Hi mom, is that from your house? It's a cool photo!!