Friday, April 25, 2008

daily painting - magnolia

Magnolia flower
5.5" x 5.5", watercolor
Magnolias are in bloom in NY! This particular bloom is more pink than purple. They smell Divine! I always think of this is a 'southern' tree, but they do thrive here in NY too. Ahh...spring!!
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CC said...

I love your pics of the artist gargoyle, red garbage can & the face with hat! Wonderful!
Yep, we are planning on moving w/in the next couple years. Sooner or later. Most likely New Mexico, if all goes well. Don't want to go back to the rain of the NW after living here! :)
How did you get inspired to do a watercolor every day? I need some discipline! ;D
Warmest aloha!


your watercolor work just blows me away !! it's amazing....

rebecca woodward said...

Beautiful! I think I'm in love with this painting! You use your talents well.