Tuesday, May 27, 2008

daily art - subtle radiance

Subtle Radiance, 4" x 3"
collage on 140 lb. watercolor paper

I love how the dragonfly pops off of the page. I painted in the shadows with burnt umber acrylic for that effect. The wings really shimmer; you can't quite see it with the photo. I used pearl-ex on the wings. The dragonfly is stamped.

The background is text from an old Harper's Bazaar from the 1850's. I love using this text- it is very small and tight- great for a background. I found the old magazine at a shop for $1.00 :-)

The dragonfly is an image I use a lot in my collage work. It symbolizes transition. And I believe that we are always in a state of flux- or transition. Life is always fluid.

This piece is SOLD.

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Diana Evans said...

lovely work...the colours are stunning...