Monday, July 7, 2008

at the beach in Delaware

We are spending time at the beach in Delaware.
Bethany Beach to be exact.
Here are some pictures of the pretty beach. Ahhh....summer!
This is the walkway from the road to the beach.
Our house is right behind me and to the left as I stand and take this photo.

Here is the view from the walkway looking north. The big brown house is an old original beach house that is now a B&B, called the Addy Sea.

It rained yesterday morning and after the rain, I went out and snapped this picture. I believe this is called a "Rose of Sharon" flower- they are growing outside the door of our house.

So pretty!

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we have friends in Bethany Beach, but have never been down there...looks beautiful !!

I have a little award for you over on my blog..

Have a great trip.