Friday, July 25, 2008

daily painting - portrait of a black man

portrait of a black man,
watercolor on Arches paper,
9" x 12"click to enlarge

In my ongoing love affair with watercolors, I tried painting a portrait. I have always been intimidated by the human form. I am pleased with this painting, but I want to loosen up. I'll be painting this again, only I'll try to be looser. I tend to be too tight in my painting at times. I used a picture from a magazine as my reference. He looks angry!

For his skin color I used a classic triad for dark skin: cadmium red, raw sienna and ultramarine blue. I chose the green background as the compliment to the red in his skin.

I just signed up for a 3-day drawing workshop with Susan Hope Fogel in mid-August. I can't wait! I try to take one workshop a year. Susan Hope Fogel lives locally to me and in the beautiful town on Warwick, NY. It's 3 full days of drawing :)

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