Saturday, August 2, 2008

etsy and Halloween

It's August and I am playing with Halloween paper dolls. More like MAKING Halloween paper dolls! I finally started posting some items to my etsy shop. And I thought some Halloween items would be fun.
I've been making this particular paper doll format for about 2 years now. I use a playing card as the body and alter it with collage and prints. I have made at least 40 of this type of doll. I sold them all on eBay. Now I am going to try etsy. I've had terrific luck on eBay, but I do hear good things about etsy here goes!

Here is my witch I made today. Wart on her nose, silver glitter shoes and an orange rhinestone on her hat. She is holding a black bird.
Please click here to visit my new etsy shop. (I've actually had it for 2 years, but hey, I don't want to rush these things ;-)

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