Monday, August 25, 2008

Illustration Friday - ROUTINE

The Production Line
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Several years ago I was the Art Director for a photo shoot involving pharmaceutical packaging. I was sitting on the floor of the production room watching the shoot and was struck by the abject BOREDOM displayed by the very tired production workers on the production line. They were all just sitting there, not moving, not engaging, not doing, not anything... I was so struck by their almost desperate look about them, that I snapped a picture with my own camera (there was a photographer taking the 'real' pictures).

That photo is the basis of this digital collage. I am always stuck by some un-nameable feeling when I look at this picture and it jumped into my head as soon as I saw "routine" as the word this week.


Rui Sousa said...

Nice work, congratulations!

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Thanks and regards

Rui Sousa

Karen Mowrey said...

This is very cool. A real good take on the theme.

Edrian Thomidis said...

Lovely effect with all the transparencies and layering, and great idea for this week!