Sunday, October 5, 2008

Antiques Roadshow

Yesterday a local Historical society held an "Antiques Roadshow" as a fundraiser. There were several local experts on hand to value attic treasures. All proceeds are going to a scholarship program...all in all a good thing, as Martha would say.

I decided to bring in my collection of Walnut head dolls I have. When I was 11 years old my father and I stopped at my great Aunts house in Grantville, GA on our way home to New Jersey. This house is called "Bonnie Castle". It is a huge house, some called it a mansion, that was built in 1896. Today it is a bed and breakfast. While there, I explored the attic and found some old dolls in a trunk - some were completed dolls and some were partially finished. I showed them to my great Aunt and she gave them to me! I tucked them away and have moved them with me from house to house as I grew up.

The dolls were made by her mother-in-law, Itura Colley, in the early 30's. I was and still am, captivated by the dolls. The smallest one is of a little girl- she is about 6" tall. The "Preacher" stands 12" tall and is the tallest. I also have Ol' Jo and Lucy who are cotton pickers. The heads are walnuts that are painted black with painted faces. The bodies are wire wrapped cotton stuffed and covered with crepe paper. The clothes are all hand made. All in all, they are quite wonderful! Itura Colley was called "Miss Love"- and her dolls were sold under the name of "Loveleigh Novelties". I see them come up for auction every now and then on eBay.

Anyway- the appraisers were quite taken with the dolls, but could not put a price on the doll lady took notes on them and said she will get back to me as to their value- she will call me this coming week.
UPDATE: I heard back from the appraiser - each doll is appraised from $175.00 - $275.00 each! I'll never sell them though- they will eventually go to my daughters.

Here are some pictures of the dolls:

little girl - notice her doll- it's a frozen Charlotte!

"Ol' Jo" cotton picker

Lucy, cotton picker

The Preacher

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