Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Menopause Queen

I've finished another assemblage doll. She is "Menopause Queen".

I giggled a lot while making this doll- she is a doll after my own heart...I think many "women of a certain age" will understand exactly what this doll is all about!

Her head and arms are German bisque doll parts I bought from Germany. I collaged her body - it started as a plain block of wood. I made her crown out of vintage metallic trim and glitter. I also added vintage rhinestone jewelry from my collection. I really like how she turned out!

I've listed her for sale in my etsy shop. SOLD

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great doll !! and I love all your autumn looks much like that here as well.

So happy you had a great week :)

Karen Mowrey said...

Ha! I was coming over here to comment on the fall leaves and saw this! Not only is it fabulous, it is hysterical as well. That face, those details,everything. I love your dolls!

Judy Streger said...

She is too funny for words!

Kelly said...

So glad we're in this together! I keep breaking the word down and end up always with the constant companion. Ummmmm, why'd I (fill in the blank), seems to be my constant point of reference anymore!

Great doll!

Kathy2eggs said...

Love the autumn's still brown and more brown here.

Your dolly is fantastic...she would be so happy around here...
Glad you had a good week, Kathy

Lorrie Grainger Abdo said...

My hair is blond. Otherwise, she could be me!