Sunday, January 25, 2009

paper dolls

I love making paper dolls. I've been making them for several years now, as an adult. As a child I enjoyed cutting out the dresses with the little tabs and dressing my dolls in their outfits. That surprises me now as I think back on that, because I am so not into fashion or clothes. I am "practical" when it comes to clothes. I can leave them or take them.

But I do love my paper dolls! This one is about OCD. I know a couple of people who have mild really can drive a person to distraction to be obsessed with numbers, letters or what ever peccadillo one focuses on. This was made in good humor, not to belittle the condition. If you click to make her larger, you will also see tiny watch parts I added to the collage.

Anyway...I use playing cards for the body and the arms and legs have vintage ephemera on them. I collage the bodies with all kinds of papers. Then a coating of polymer medium is put on as a final coat. Her arms and legs are movable and you can fold her up to the size of a playing card- or an ATC. She is actually an ATC-paper doll.

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Timothy Hunt said...

Hey Elizabeth. These dolls are fantastic. I love the bird houses as well.