Wednesday, February 11, 2009

scrabble tile pendants

This is one of my watercolors resized to fit the scrabble tile.
I also painted the sides baby grass green.

This frog is also resized color pencil art of mine.

Lavender, Grey and Pink Japanese Yuzen paper

Gold and Black Japanese Yuzen paper

My first scrabble tile pendants. I love the idea of these- using a scrabble tile as the base for an image and adding a clear hard coating of protection on the image. I am trying several different coatings to see what works best -and I need to work on my *no-bubbles-in-the-coating-skills*! Almost got it- just takes practice- like everything else in life.
The Aanraku bail is Sterling Silver Plate. They are genuine scrabble tiles.
I can see where I could get lost in this- making lots and lots of these!


Karen Mowrey said...

Watch out girl! I am still not completely done with this addiction and have had it a few years now! Sometimes the key is several thin layers with a brush or one thick layer spread even with a toothpick and use a paint brush to sort of "pop" the bubbles.

L'Hélène said...

What do you use for the coating? Ranger Glossy accent? Judi-kins Diamond glaze?