Wednesday, February 4, 2009

what to do if you want to play at work or if you are sick in bed...

This is the ultimate time waster. Click here, but be warned, it is addicting.

I have a head cold...the kind that renders me useless...with a sinus know...where there are little squirrels in your forehead that are trying to dig their way out...

so I took to my bed, something I very rarely do. I don't get sick often, and if I do, I usually just go about my day and get through what ever it is that ails me...but this cold has me tuckered out.

so I got into bed with my laptop and surrounded my self with all kinds of "things to do while sick in bed":
1. my expenses for my art business for tax year 2008 to figure out
2. my idea art journal to review and do some brainstorming
3. my current read - (The Ice Queen by Alice Hoffman) -which I really bought at my library for $1.00 to alter as it is a thinnish book, but started reading it and now have to finish it before I alter it.
4. my cell phone to make some necessary phone calls
5. paper and pencil for note taking
6. diet coke with ice

Well...suffice it to say that I never looked at the expenses, read the book, made a list, got an idea or made a single phone call. Yes, I did drink my diet coke, but only after the ice had melted and it was warm because of this link. Have fun and let me know what you think.


Karen Mowrey said...

ok, I quickly clicked off that link because I know what will happen but I will be tempted to go there all day now, thanks!

taxes and expenses is enough to GIVE me squirrels in my head, yikes! Good choice by not looking at them.

Hope you feel better soon, those sinus headaches can be the worse.

Laura Pace said...

Yuck, I sure hope you get over your cold & especially your sinus headache soon...those can be a bear.
When I saw where your link went I laughed out loud. I put that on my computer when it first came out & wasted way too much time on it. Took it off. Then for some reason, just 2 weeks ago put it back on. Boy have they updated it. Wasted even more time. But it seems like such a higher form of time wastage! One learns/"sees" so many things!