Monday, May 18, 2009

collage experiment, part II

After making a mess of things, I've been working on correcting my mistakes.

I've been experimenting with making a collage á la Michelle Caplan. I've loved her technique for several years now and when I saw her work on the cover of the May/June '09 issue of Somerset Studio Magazine , I knew I had to try her technique!

this is my base collage- I used images from my childhood- they represent influences, the times, memories and such. This time it all turned out much better- I coated the collage pieces with an acrylic spray and that stopped the bleeding.

This is the photo that will be over laid on top of the collage. I've printed it on a clear substrate and will transfer it onto the collage (that's the plan, anyway!)

I am the cute one in the middle, missing one front tooth :)

Waiting for things to dry and then I'll do the over lay. I hope to be able to post the final results as a success! We'll see...stayed tuned...

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Anonymous said...

Hey, Elizabeth, this sounds very intriguing. What kind of clear substrate are you using, and how will you attach it? Looking forward to the final solution!