Thursday, May 7, 2009

digtal vs. paper and glue

The one thing that I do not like about digital-- there is no end product to touch or feel. I commented about that to my friend Andrew, and he said something very wise wise to me:

"I feel that a marriage of both low-tech and high tech is the best way to go - too much high tech will make you feel you really have nothing to show, and too much low tech will be so labor-intensive it can leave you burn-out. The key thing is to make the most out of both of them to get the best of both worlds."
(Quote © Copyright 2009 Andrew Borloz - all rights reserved. Used with permission).

Hunting Island, SC lighthouse

pastel on hot press paper

I took the reference photo of this lighthouse while on my honeymoon. The lighthouse is really black and white- I added the color because I can :)

Tulip, pastel on hot press paper

note to self: background matching the yellow in the flower makes the flower look like it has holes in it.

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