Tuesday, June 16, 2009

tinnie with bride and groom

The florist selling my tinnies loves this one for bridal showers. These tinnies are fun to make. I never know what will happen when I sit down...I have a container of all sorts of doo-dads that I can use and once I get going they sort of make themselves. I love when that happens in creating something. And that way each one is unique, one of a kind.

Had a busy weekend! Friday was husbands birthday, Saturday was a family picnic and Sunday we had dinner with friends. Now I am knee deep in addressing 200 wedding invitations! It's all a 'good' busy though - a happy busy.

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Karen Mowrey said...

These are all way too much fun! Very creative and with 3 dogs who share a can of food a day, I can seriously consider having fun doing some. Curious though as to what type of paint you use on metal, spray paint?

You do have a busy weekend, what a big wedding too by the way!!!

Happy birthday to the hubster...and Father's Day as well. I hope you get some nice weather...we all could use a sunny day about now!