Friday, July 31, 2009

boring and blah design - enough!

At the risk of offending many, I just have to speak there anyone else out there that is utterly sick of the clean, cutsie, computer generated, boring, quasi retro design thing that has been around for the last 2 years?

Am I the only one that sees designers acting as lemmings...all jumping off of the same design trend mountain?? I am dismayed at the 'sameness' of most all that I see out there...sort of paisley, sort of not, sort of retro, but not really, lots of fancy swirls, silhouettes of chandeliers, flower power flowers, all accented with stripes...

Designers...what happened? Where is your cutting edginess and disdain for following the pack? I know you are out there....step up and step out...please!

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