Friday, July 3, 2009

bridal shower is over

I can talk to my daughter again! ...I had been avoiding her because I was sure I would blow the surprise of her bridal shower. Now her shower has come and gone and it was such a lovely time!
Her maid of honor happens to be my youngest daughter Jen and she and the rest of her bridal party did such a wonderful job! I have lots of pictures to sift through and fix with Photo shop...but I wanted to post some of the tinnies i made with flowers and set up as the center pieces at the shower. They really looked pretty! At the end of the shower they were all given away as prizes. People seemed very happy to win them, which made me feel good.
If you live near Piermont, NY go to Slattery's's where the bridal shower was held and it was wonderful. The owners were so helpful, the food was amazing and the staff was excellent. They have a buffet and it is delish!

here are a few...


Judy Streger said...

The tinnies look great with the flowers in them.

Ann Martin said...

These are so pretty! I'm happy that it went so well and you didn't spoil the surprise! That's something I live in fear of doing too, LOL Is your daughter a dancer by any chance? I love how you made each one similar, but different.

Kelly said...

Happy to have them?? People were fighting over getting one!! So glad I have one =-)

It really was a lovely event! I can't wait for the wedding!!