Saturday, October 3, 2009

finished mixed media painting

I wanted to make a painting for my soon-to-be finished (absurdly wishful thinking) bathroom make over. I had a longish canvas in my studio found in the mess and thought it would be perfect for my bathroom. As I worked on it, it evolved into a statement (sort of) of the world- water, ground and air. Once it was finished it just didn't look quite right for the bathroom, so it has found a new home over my kitchen sink. Now as I peel potatoes, I can contemplate the bigger world out there beyond my sink and potato peels instead of staring at the kitchen wall ... (name that movie: "hello, Wall"... hint: said with a British accent)

But I still need something for my I went to TJ Max and found a beautifully framed really ugly image for $12.00. So, I bought the beautiful frame with the ugly image and took it apart last night. I am going to use the ugly image as my canvas and gesso over it. I also will nix the glass as I am painting an acrylic so I wont need the glass. Once finished I'll have the beautiful frame to frame my cool is that? And for $12.00, why not??

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