Thursday, October 8, 2009

It is amazing how fast time passes. I log onto my blog and am so surprised that four days have passed since I last posted when it feels like one or two.

I thought I was supposed to be bored when I was laid off and unemployed? No way- I am immersed in things that I finally have time to do. Time is a gift and I was given that gift the day I was laid off of my job. I was not able to leave that job on my own- it was just too lucrative for me to do so...the only way for me to go was for them to let me go...which they finally did.

Now I have time to redo my bathroom- strip the wallpaper, repair the drywall, paint and decorate. I have time to make 'real' dinners...slow cooked with love and real potatoes (not instant mashed!). I am painting much more. I have discovered that I actually like shopping! I have never been a shopper. Looking back though, I either had kids in tow or was harried and tired, as it was at night after a day at work. Weekend shopping was no good- too many crowds and I was eternally thinking about laundry that had to get done and a house to clean before Monday morning rolled around again.

Anyway...this is a painting I just finished for my bathroom project. I may add one more layer of an overall color to knock back some of the whiter colors, not sure yet...but here it is. It is more about color than anything. These are the colors I am using. The walls will be a creamy pale white(hint of yellow). I am stuck with a forest green counter top at the moment as I do not want to rip out and redo that, so I am using earth fall colors, which are my personal favorite colors.

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