Tuesday, December 15, 2009

finished a painting - more sunflowers

Sunflowers II, 8" x 10" watercolor on hot press watercolor paper

This was a learning experience...I started this painting with no thought to the background and then realized that...duh! I had already drawn and painted the main part and liked it so far...so I painted in a back ground...and hated it! It was wishy washy and just weak...

so I then proceeded to mask out the entire painted areas with liquid mask. Then I painted in a new background- total experimental. I picked grainy, opaque paints for the background. Since I was painting on hot press paper, I knew that the opaque paints will sit on top of the paper...so I just played with some color. I really like the back ground and how it turned out now. Then I removed all of the mask and continued on with the painting.

These sunflowers have seen better days. I wanted to paint them as almost 'done'...droopy and end of season-winter-is-coming sunflowers.

...I got to a point where it would become over worked if I continued, so it is officially finished!

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