Sunday, February 21, 2010

blue pear

blue pear
watercolor on 140# hot press paper
6" x 4"

I wanted to make the pear a different color then it's real color. I am not sure why. I just go with the muse as she speaks to me! Today she said, "blue pear". I was interested in the values, not the color. The best way to do that is to change the colors. If the values are correct, the colors don't much matter. Besides, wouldn't it be cool to actually see a blue pear?

I am learning two good lessons in daily painting...1: don't give up on a picture. Keep trying new or different things. I almost pitched this one early on. It seemed to me to be muddy and not working at the point of no return and when I had nothing to lose, I just kept going...the results are not bad. Not terrific, but not bad. I feel like I was able to salvage the painting at the very least.

Lesson 2: step away and look at a newly painted painting later on in the day or the next day. Often looking at it with fresh eyes lets us see our work for what it really is. For me this usually means that if I step away from my work, I tend to like it much better later on. Go figure...



very cool !!

Nana said...

I really like your blue pear!

panoramic photo stitching said...

Beautiful blue pear!!!!!!!!!!

Loved it!!!!!!!!!!!

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