Wednesday, April 7, 2010

head colds stink

my head cold

This is kinda gross, sorry about that...I am in bed with a head cold. It's 85 degrees outside- early summer- and I am in bed with a head cold. As I was lying here listening to pod casts, this image flashed in my head- and I felt compelled to draw it...I want to tip my head and just empty it out of all the STUFF that is clogged in there. I feel like the proverbial "5 lbs bag with 10 lbs. of s#*t in it"...

I don't get sick often. I've been with my hubby for 8 years (2 dating and 6 married) and he announced yesterday that this is the sickest he has ever seen me.(No,we are NOT speaking about mental illness, that's another kettle of fish!). Usually I ignore a cold and carry on...but this one kicked my butt...I actually have been in bed all day...and still feel like I will sleep well tonight.


Joyce at Calico Paint said...

You still have your sense of humor, so you'll survive :) Get well quick!

linda said...

Oh my, I hope you get well soon! I'm totally jealous for that 85 degree weather though!