Thursday, April 15, 2010

To be and not do...that is the dilema...

Inner Song
Collage, 2.5" x 3/5" SOLD

Today was a rare day for me. Maybe it is finally happening...I FINALLY felt OK (read: guilt free) about not working, about not having a paid job. It's only been 16 months since I was laid off...these things take time...(sheesh!) Up until today I've had this niggling sense that I ought to be doing something vaguely reminiscent of a job. And I mean paid work. Maybe it's because I am working on a brochure- the first real graphic design work I've done since I lost my job last year. Maybe it's connected (ya think??)

I volunteered to do a design and layout of a 4 page full-color brochure for the Mid-Hudson Coalition, a worthy cause. I try to do one volunteer art project a year. Years past I donated art for a school in Virginia for children with special needs. This year it is this brochure.

Here's to more days like today. Guilt: Take a hike. Jump in a lake. Be gone. For good. THAT is my inner song today.

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Jingle said...

I truly hope you are able to rid yourself of that guilt and be happy with where you are! This piece is quite lovely!