Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Thank God I'm a country girl...

"In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous."
- Aristotle -384–322 B.C.

I am humming John Denver's song "Thank God I'm a country girl(boy)" as I write this...I am on my deck with my computer (dont you just love laptops and wireless?) In the half hour I have been sitting here in my beach chair making a shopping list, I have seen or heard:

3 deer walked by and munched on the wild grape vines that grow nearby
a bright red cardinal sits to my left
A blue jay is screeching
A crow is cawing
a yellow swallow tail butterfly just flew by
several squirrels scurried by
bees buzzed
a moth flutterd
dandilion seeds are floating by
I can hear 3 different woodpeckers pecking
I can hear a cricket
I can hear a lawn mower mowing
I can hear the leaves rustle in the wind

...and I live 55 miles from mid-town amazing is that??

I dont live on a farm however, as the song says, I live in a condo...but it's the country non the night I can't leave my deck slider door open becasue local racoons and bear are known to enter houses looking for food. The deer are so close and so frequent that we know to look for deer ticks after an outing. I know dozens of people who have hit a deer while driving, myslef included. Hummingbirds are regular visitors.

Like I said, Thank God I'm a country girl...

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Joyce at Calico Paint said...

Me too. Life is good! Finally got all the pollen cleaned off my porch so I can relax, read, and watch birds, deer, squirrels and chipmunks. bunnies, and other wildlife, even a black snake I spotted yesterday (in the city, by the way). Love it! Sometimes I feel guilty for taking time to enjoy all this, but this is what I've worked since I was 18 for. Time to enjoy and be thankful for all we are blessed with.