Friday, June 25, 2010

BABY tinnie

Getting inspiration from an article in Somerset Magazine by Lisa Kaus, I've made a fair number of tinnies- wonderful up cycled tin cans that are altered, embellished and made new with paint, ephemera and anything not nailed down. I love to put fresh flowers in them and give them as gifts. At my daughter's wedding shower last year, I made one for each table and brought them to a local florist. The florist made beautiful centerpieces with them and they were all given away at the shower. The theme for the shower was Shabby Chic and the ladies loved them!

I see this tinnie below for a new mother of a baby girl- or use at a baby shower as part of the decorations. There is no end to the decorating, theme and style that one can make with these wonderful tinnies!

tinnie side 1

tinnie side 2
I used a vintage frozen Charlotte

close up of Frozen Charlotte

heart embellishment

another view

close up of baby on tinnie

tinnies from wedding shower

shower tinnie
shower tinnie

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Kelly said...

Is this your subtle way of saying someone is having a baby????