Sunday, August 1, 2010

creative time slipped in between taking care of business...

Knowing I would have time here, I packed non-messy art supplies. Things like collage papers, glue stick, pens, scissors. I set up a little table in my mother-in-laws sun room and I slip in here when I have a few moments. I've made 3 mail art post cards for mailing. In a way it is better than having a million choices in my studio at home. Here I have a very finite choice and I am enjoying the challenge of making do.

What is strange for me is that I have not stepped outside in three days except to go to the store. I don't know the area to wander around and it is about 100 degrees outside.

And I found out today that the bugs in SC are BIG and they are EVERYWHERE. I went out on the deck this morning and immediately was confronted with a HUGE spider. Then a 2" hairy centipede was at my bare foot. When I saw the lizard scurry up the wall, I knew I was really out of NY.

So I stayed in the air conditioning and thought of my SC ancestors and wondered how they coped with all these creepy crawlers. I am Such a weenie. I know that now. So much for being a country girl.

I am here in the Deep South to help my sick MIL and not frolic in this near tropical country side with the bugs and reptiles. Thank God.

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Kelly said...

Centipedes and spiders and bugs, oh my!! Wow I feel better about the sticky humidity here in NY. Glad to hear Mom is doing better. Hang in there!

I'll have to check out your Droid when you come home. Mikel loves his! I am still holding on to the "old' technology!!