Thursday, August 19, 2010

time to make the donuts...

Don't you love donuts? Last night I had a great donut at the Albany airport's Dunkin' Donut. It made me think of my recent watercolor painting I did of a donut- what you see above.

I love painting watercolor in realistic fashion. It's a challenge that I really enjoy. This donut you see above was fun to paint- the chocolate is smooth and the donut is cakey - each texture being very different to paint.

I am selling prints of this picture on my etsy shop. It comes to you ready to frame.
I think this would look great in a kitchen. I am also selling the same print framed at the Lady Fingers Bakery in Monroe, NY.

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Joyce at Calico Paint said...

Yum yum! I couldn't leave it uneaten long enough to paint it --assuming I could paint, of course :)