Sunday, September 12, 2010

Tasting at the Culinary Institute of America...WOW!!

This weekend my husband, myself and another couple spent a day at the CIA in Hyde Park NY. We attended a 'tasting' class. It's an introductory class to entice us to take bigger, more comprehensive classes. It was awesome! The chef, a graduate of the CIA himself, talked about each item he cooked as well as instruction on knife cutting, knife sharpening, how to chop an onion perfectly, how to sear a scallop to perfection...and how to make chocolate mousse...yum....
We all got a beautiful plate of each item he cooked- an avocado and tomato salad, seared scallops with a fresh fruit salsa (learned how to buy and peel pineapples) and a ramekin of fresh chocolate mousse with whip cream on on man was this ever delicious!! Perfectly prepared, perfectly plated, perfectly eaten!!

Chef cooking at the CIA

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