Wednesday, December 8, 2010

technology at the speed of light

Once upon a time this Remette typewriter was the latest and greatest in the human technology hall of fame. Amazing isn't it considering that now we type on flat screen smart phones and send our words via wireless wi-fi and think nothing of it.
I love my old remette typewriter. The ribbon was shredded and it was getting hard (read impossible) to type words for my collages. I found a supplier on eBay that sells older style ribbons. But my 1936 model was a tad too old. But not to fear...I purchased a new ribbon and set about unwinding the new ribbon and then re-winding it onto the old Remette spools. Success!
Some technology just needs to stay with us, like the typewriter.
It's amazing how much my granddaughter loves to play with it. What 10 year old doesn't love to type out a story on a manual typewriter just like they did in the 'olden days'?

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Suz said...

Hi Elizabeth. I stumbled upon your blog when I was searching for a ribbon for my Remette typewriter my dad gave me. Your blog & art are great! What size ribbon did you buy to rewind it onto the spools you had already? I seen that several people even said I could purchase at Staples but I'm just not certain what size (even though I measured mine with a ruler) to be confident enough to purchase. Thanks for any help