Monday, February 7, 2011

fantasy watercolor

a peek in the forest
watercolor and pan pastel on 140# paper
(click to see large)

This is a fantasy watercolor. By that I mean I made it up in my head. I love the fairy paintings of make believe places and this is a glance into such a world. This weekend was a pajama weekend. I pretty much spent the entire weekend in my pj's painting. This is the result. I love the Chinese lantern plants and I knew that would be the focus of this little painting.

I painted it in my Strathmore watercolor art journal I bought for an online art journaling workshop of which I am participating. I wasn't sure how this paper would be, as the entire book cost me less than the usual sheet of Arches watercolor paper I buy. But I have to say I really was impress with the paper. It held up well. I even scrubbed a couple of areas to give it a test and it held up well. No tiny spit balls (what usually happens with cheap watercolor paper!)

I also love those round flat dollar plants- I don't know the name of them, but I think they will be in my next art journal painting.


Ophelia said...

This is really really beautiful!! I am so inspired!

joyfulploys said...

Elizabeth, I found your blog from your comment over at Diane's. I love your art work...I've been looking at your collage work and plan to look some more. Your fantasy lights are lovely!

Teressa Thompson said...

Beautiful! I love the ethereal feel of your painting.