Saturday, February 26, 2011

Scrabble Queen - new art assemblage doll

Here is my newest doll. The idea came from one of my sisters. I play online scrabble with two of my sisters. We each live in different parts of the country, but through the magic of, we are able to play scrabble together. How cool is that? Anyway, ond day my sister emailed me and said I should make a Scrabble Queen and here she is.
I'm offering her for sale in my etsy shop. If you go there you can see more images of her (front, sides and back and a beautiful closeup of her face and crown.


Diane said...

Okay....she is awesome!!

Colleen said...

Hi Elizabeth...Love this little assemblage doll...I am inspired to make a teeny weeny "something-like- this" for a doll to hold!!!

We had a fantastic creative day today, so happy we met...your charms you made were super love love them! Hopefully you can come be me for the day....and we'll do more "cool stuff" .....Love Colleen