Friday, March 18, 2011

Dance in the Light of the Moon...

click image twice to see up close- so pretty!

Still playing and experimenting today and I made this ATC. I wish you could see how glittery and shiny this is! The picture just doesn't do it justice.

I used the Faux Lace Technique I learned a couple of years ago at a stamp convention by Susan Pickering Rothamel. I made the tape extra lacy for this ATC. It uses her product, "Great Tape" and it is great! The moon is painted using mica powder mixed into an acrylic paint.

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Heather Elizabeth Brauner said...

Thanks for the comment on my Blog :') The next time we get together I would love to make ATCs the Foux lace looks cool.I know what you mean about not getting the bling to show up on a photo, but I can see the Mica in the moon! Hugs Heather.