Thursday, April 7, 2011

Garden Queen assemblage art doll

For all the lovely women who love to garden...wouldn't this be a nice gift to give you your mom if she loves to garden? She is my newest doll in my Narrative Doll Series.

I've decorated her with all kinds of flowers made from paper, clay and sequins. Her crown is hand made of polymer clay. She wears vintage pearls. Her head and arms are antique German doll parts that were rescued from the grounds of an abandoned doll factory in Germany. I buy the doll parts from the guys who dig them up! She stands just shy of 6" including her crown.

If you are interested in purchasing her, please email me. I'll be putting this doll in a local store for sale for Mother's Day, but if you would like her, let me know!

Click each picture twice to see each up close- look for the tiny flowers!


Jingle said...

She is absolutely wonderful!

Diana Evans said...

oh wow!!! what a fun piece....I love this Elizabeth!!!! very creative and unique!!!

fairyrocks said...

Elizabeth, I am so pleased to meet you. I love that you sculpt Something I have never tried
(okay but plastercine doesn't count LOL) I can tell you are very artistic, thanks for stopping by and leaving some love.
Keep smiling and creating

deals hyderabad said...

Pretty cool.. :)

Barb said...

I love these dolls!...what a great way to recycle beautiful old doll parts!