Thursday, May 12, 2011

fantasy painting

painting with out photoshop

painting with a photoshop edge

Having a lot of fun just painting without any idea in mind - I made last night until the wee hours (my husband says I hang from the rafters at night...I really paint).

After I scanned in my painting I brought it into Photoshop and added a scratchy border to make it look older. Not sure I like the effect, but here it is. Would love feedback- which do you perfer?


Jingle said...

Very pretty! I think I like it better without the edge...or maybe less of an edge and something with more brown tones.

Elizabeth Parsons said...

I like your idea about the brown tone. thanks!

Heather Elizabeth Brauner said...

cool painting ..I think a honey brown edge would and a little less .. you asked love ya ..