Saturday, August 6, 2011

Illustration Friday - Imperfect

Embrace Imperfection


What I am working on fit in (*ahem*) PERFECTLY with this weeks word: IMPERFECT over at Illustration Friday. I am working on a series of collage people. Not sure why; it's where the muse has taken me.

I drew the hand and the face in pencil and then made a collage using them and stamped/painted deli paper. The result is an imperfect image of a man - the proportions are all wrong, but that is what I like about this image...and we are all imperfect beings, are we not?

Embrace imperfection.


ArtSnark said...

very cool - this should be an interesting series. I like that you are mixing original drawings & collage elements.

Curious Art said...

Oh, I really like this approach! The imperfect proportions do make it intriguing. Looking forward to seeing more in this series!