Sunday, October 2, 2011

Boofy's Jalapeno Pepper Jelly

Anyone who has known me for a long, LONG time will know that my childhood nickname is Boofy. My mom gave me the name when I was a baby- it was from "Boofiful Baby". Started as Boof and evolved to Boofy. I have had the name ever since. Somewhere in the late 80's I started introducing myself as Elizabeth, my given name, as I was sort of tired of explaining my name every single time I met someone. My family and old friends still call me Boofy. My newer friends, from the late 80's and on, call me Elizabeth.

This last week I spent a wonderful week on Edisto Island, SC. It was a combo genealogy research and fun-in-the-sun week with my husband, sisters and brother-in-law. My family goes back to the 1600's on Edisto and all over South Carolina and Georgia are kissin' cousins. We chose to go to Edisto as that is where it all began for this particular branch of my family. Edisto is very 'off the beaten track'. To get there you must drive an hour from the main road to the beach on very rural roads with names like Toogodo Road and Jungle Road. Along the main road we saw a fun looking place called Geechie Boy Market and Mill and stopped to have a look. Imagine my surprise when I found "Boofy's Jalapeno Pepper Jelly". My sisters and I were amazed as I have never seen my name on anything, anywhere. Turns out the store owners' Grandmother was named Boofy. When I asked how her grandmother got the name, she told us that it came from "BOOFIFUL BABY"...I nearly fell over! Same name with the same reason for the name! The store owner teared up just thinking about it. Both her and her grandmother are from the area. She was so sweet and gave me the jar of jelly on the house.

Connections - there are connections all over this island! While shopping we met two 'cousins' in stores. Just throw out a family name in the low country and we are bound to find relatives...Baynard, Grimball, Willingham, Lawton...a few of the names. I feel a soul connection to the Carolina Low Country. This latest connection is one more reason why I feel so 'at home' in this exotic, wild and wonderful area of the United States.


Cynthia said...

When I saw the word Geechie on that jar, I KNEW you had to be in SC!! =D I live on the opposite side of SC from the Low Country, but I have often visited Edisto. It will always be one of my very favorite places to camp!! I'm so glad you had an amazing time there!

Cynthia said...

I'm two counties over from Anderson--in Spartanburg! Small world, eh?? =D