Sunday, October 9, 2011

my first love...

I was 8 when the British Invasion happened. I vividly remember the excitement of waiting for the Ed Sullivan show to come on to see this new British group that had just invaded the US. I had two older sisters who were 17 and 15, and it was from them, that I learned about the Beatles.

I fell deeply and madly in love with Paul. I remember drawing his name in hearts on our cellar concrete walls with chalk. I boldly expressed my love on those walls, this being my very first real "crush" on a boy. I was smitten for sure.

I still love Paul. I will always love Paul. He was my first love. I hope in Nancy Shevell, his new wife that he has found true love once again.

And may a pox be put on Heather Mills. (sorry, I never liked her)

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Rhissanna said...

We love you, yeah, yeah yeah!

Being English, it's always very cheering to find people who like the Beatles and yes, Paul was always the sweetest.

As for Ms Mills, there was a very disturbing article (admittedly by her ex-boyfriend) suggesting she was a little unhinged and that Sir Paul would come to regret it.