Sunday, November 27, 2011

sunday painting

The diamond background is another painting I did and photshopped them together.

I am painting faces...for dolls...the ideas are coming...I want to start my next doll and the idea occurred to me to paint some faces and see 'who' I find. I am drawn to big eyes at the moment, and small noses. I would like this one with the nose close to the eyes...more pixie/elf like, I guess. I am not sure what it is I am going for- it just sort of happens.

I am thinking I would like her better with more red around her eyes...a bit of darkness, I suppose.

She is painted with 'wash & sketch' pencil, acrylic and oil paints.


Cynthia said...

Love the eyes on this one too! The mouth has a Mona Lisa quality to it as well. Really beautiful.

Colleen said...

oh my gosh!!! holeeee!!! I love her, what a great inspiring face for a doll ....Lets see her in a doll!!!...