Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy French Princess

I finished my latest doll and I am happy with her. I am still trying to find my own style within doll making. While making the torso for this doll I thought about collage and decided to collage the entire doll- as I am a collage artist. I started rummaging through my insane mountain of paper and ephemera and books...and came upon an old children's story book in French- I started ripping up French words and collaging them onto her torso. Afterwards I got curious as to what the words meant, so using my trusty translation app on my phone, I learned that the words said "Happy Princess"...well how perfect is that?!?!!

So she is my Happy French Princess. I used an old baking tart as her skirt, added a tulle bustle in the back and her hat is made from a candy mold using paper clay and tulle. Her neck are bead caps and bead spacers, which I changed the color- they were a shiny silver and just didn't match the whole look.

I still have no idea what my doll making style is...but I'll just keep making dolls and hopefully my style will emerge...


Cynthia said...

Your Happy French Princess is awesome!! I LOVE the collage idea!!

Kelly said...

Having been there when she was being "born" I absolutely love her!! She came out FABULOUS!! Nice job on her eyes!