Thursday, February 2, 2012

the last three of my new grid series

I had great fun making these collages! They are all for sale at my etsy shop. I'll make another set in the future.

I've returned to doll making- as I am taking a doll class and I am immersed in dolls! I go to bed and wake up thinking dolls- sculpture, sewing, paper clay, material, painting...making an art doll incorporates all kinds of crafting...that is one reason I love it so much!


Cynthia said...

I love the movement on the first one and that soda jerk in the third is hilarious!! What a great series--thank you for sharing them with us!

dosankodebbie said...

I really like your sense of color. The combination of the colors you chose for these pieces warms my eyes and heart. :)

Heather Elizabeth Brauner said...

Hi Elizabeth..the collages are fun you do amazing things with paper... Miss you ..peace and love Heather..

Curious Art said...

It's so much fun to see all these quirky elements working so beautifully together. Wonderful ephemera & design sense!

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